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Essance of YAADEIN
The child should be cuddled till the age of five;
Disciplined till the age of ten;
After the sixteenth year, be treated as a friend."

This is the essence of YAADEIN.

There was once a family of five. A husband, his doting wife and their three lovely daughters. But one fine day, the wife passed away, leaving a void so difficult to fill. The husband, who had been a father to his daughters, not a friend, found it difficult to communicate with them. Obviously, he had an uphill task ahead in life...

This real-life incident triggered off YAADEIN, Subhash Ghai's latest project.

"YAADEIN is an emotional journey you will never forget," Subhash Ghai tells me at the very outset, before this writer is shown an exclusive preview of songs and important scenes from the film. There is no denying the fact that Ghai has always believed in changing with the times and his latest film is no exception.

Like every Mukta Arts product, the music of YAADEIN emphasises on poetry, which is why you never take to the songs of YAADEIN instantly. But the melodies have a haunting effect on the listener and the numbers grow on you when you view them with the visuals. Yes, the music of YAADEIN more than lives up to the expectations and when viewed on screen, you are mesmerised by the story Ghai has interwoven in every song. YAADEIN promises to be a treat for families, since it tells the story of those who believe in emotions.

The pick of the lot is undoubtedly the title track, rendered brilliantly by Hariharan and picturised on Jackie Shroff and Hrithik Roshan. An emotional number, the song moves you on two levels -- the poetry and the picturisation. The visuals depicting Jackie and Rati Agnihotri touch the core of your heart.

“The film primarily revolves around three characters -- Jackie, Hrithik Roshan and Kareena Kapoor. Much has been spoken and written about Hrithik's flight to superstardom, but YAADEIN will consolidate his status as the topnotch star of today," Ghai states.

And sure enough, the Hrithik magic comes to the fore in 'Chamakti Shaam Hai' and 'Jab Dil Miley'. The former is sure to prove a chartbuster in times to come and its picturisation is equally imaginative.

YAADEIN introduces a host of new talents -- Avni Vasa and Himani Rawat, who play the two elder sisters of Kareena Kapoor. There's one more pretty face -- Kiran Rathod -- who gets swept off her feet when she spots Ronit Malhotra (Hrithik).

The song picturised on the three sisters ('Eli Re Eli') is pleasant on the ears and its picturisation is extremely likeable as well.

In a nutshell, the orchestration of all the numbers has the unmistakable stamp of Ghai. Undoubtedly, one of the finest works of Anu Malik and Anand Bakshi!

* Jackie Shroff is Raj Singh Puri, who has lived in London as a middle class man for 24 years with his beautiful wife and three daughters.

* Hrithik Roshan is Ronit Malhotra. Although born in a rich family, he is closest to Uncle Raj and his three daughters.

* Kareena Kapoor is Isha Singh Puri, the youngest daughter of Raj Singh Puri. She’s an extremely emotional person.

* Amrish Puri is J.K. Malhotra, who feels that all emotions and relations can be taken care of by one factor ­ money.

Besides Mumbai, the film has been shot at the eye-filling locales of Udaipur, London and Langkawi (Malaysia).

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