If looks could kill, Hrithik Roshan would easily be charged for mass murder. Rippling muscles, devastating light-green eyes, a killer smile, an affable charm coupled with the T.D.H factor is what makes Rakesh Roshan Jr.
click - and in a big way too. Ask any shutterbug worth his Nikon and he can't stop raving aloud about those
oh-so-purrfect muscles, that dreamy good look, that abundance of confidence, the obvious talent. And best
of all, ask the girls next door who can't stop drooling over the latest pin-up boy to stormed the industry. They
are the best barometers of all. And to cap it all, ask the trade watchers and they'll vouch for the fact that the Roshan dude is red-hot right now. Even before his much anticipated launch film, 'Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai' -
produced and directed by proud papa Rakesh Roshan. On to Vinod Chopra, Vikram Bhatt, Raj Kanwar,
Karan Johar, etc., etc., the filmmakers simply love him, and what's more, they can't stop raving about his (yup, again) phenomenal talent. 'He's like magic on screen. He's going to be a super-star... I tell you!' insist the
movers and shakers of movie town. And as if that wasn't all, Hrithik is rumoured to have bagged Shah Rukh Khan's next homeproduction (no less), to be directed by Farah Khan. Ask him and the shy guy shrugs,
"Yes, the negotiations are on." Over to Hrithik now for an online chat. Girls hold on to your hearts, guys
don't turn green. But read on nevertheless..

Your first film is ready for release, tell us about the 'Kaho Naa Pyaar Hai' experience.

"If I were to say it in one word, 'fabulous'! I've truly had an amazing time working on this film. When dad was working on this script
he didn't even tell me that he planned to cast me in it. This was right after 'Koyla'. I kept on pestering him, asking him who the hero
would be. I thought he would take an established star, like he normally does. Then one fine day, he just turned around and told
me, 'You're the hero of my film.' I was so shocked I ran straight to my room. He followed me there to ask me what my answer
was, and I told him I was ready. Only, I needed to prepare myself for the role. The very next day I joined acting classes, dancing classes,karate, martial arts - you name it and I did it! I did not want to fall short of his expectations. I wanted everything
to be perfect.Once I was sure I was ready to face the camera, I did; and there has been no looking back."

We heard somewhere that you initially wanted to become a director?

"I've assisted my dad for five years. And it is true to a great extent that, yes, direction is my first love. But ever since I can remember I've always wanted to act. I was fascinated you can say, completely bitten by the acting bug. I want to do all kinds of roles. To experiment, to evolve as an actor. Direction can wait now. Maybe in the future, when I'm ready for it, I will direct. But right now I can't look beyond acting. I eat, drink, sleep and even dream films now. These days, I have a one-track mind. Work is my top priority. Acting is all that matters."

How was it working with your first heroine, the pretty and petite Amisha Patel?

"It was very comfortable working with Amisha. She's completely chilled out and non-filmi; so it's very easy to get along with her.
There were times when I needed her to adjust with me during my scenes, she would do that without batting an eye. Even I would
help her out with her scenes. We shared a terrific chemistry. In fact, I'm even doing Mohan Kumar's film with her which is being
directed by Vikram Bhatt. Amisha's gonna go a long way, mark my words."

You've signed 'Mission Kashmir' which is being directed by Vidhu Vinod Chopra who's known for his temperament.....

"Wherever there is passion, there has to be a difference of opinion. It always happens that way. Vinod Chopra is one director who's completely passionate about his work and it's amazing to work with someone like that. I had an incredible experience working with him. It was my first outside venture and I had a great time with Sunjay Dutt. He's one of the best human being I've met in my life and Preity, she's so much fun. They made me feel so comfortable. Mr. Chopra was very understanding and he pampered me with a lot of goodies from Bombay, if I ever happened to ask him for anything in Kashmir. Seriously, he spoils his actors, he takes so much care of them. You feel really good. This temperament bit has been much talked about but I have had an amazing time working with him. And, if you don't, blame yourself, not his temperament. There's no excuse for not knowing your job. I really don't think he's a difficult director to work with."

What's the status quo with ex-heroine Kareena Kapoor, after the slight fracas your dad had with Babita?

"Kareena and I have absolutely no problems. In fact, we're working together for an untitled project, starring Bobby Deol and two of us. My dad had a misunderstanding with her mom when she was supposed to do, 'Kaho Naa...' but that's a thing of the past. We're cool with each other. And I think she's extremely talented.
Her work in `Refugee' is going to storm the industry. She's too good."

And how would you rate yourself as an actor?

"Oh, I'm never satisfied. I'm always trying to aim for more, I'm a perfectionist. Honestly, sometimes when people praise me, I want to tell them to stop it. Call me modest or whatever, I'd rather let my work speak for me."