Mehendi ceremony for Suzanne

Suzanne Khan will have her mehendi ceremony on Tuesday night.

The function will be held at father Sanjay Khan's Golden Palms Resort. Suzanne will marry beau Hrithik Roshan on Wednesday afternoon.

The lunch for guests on December 19 was predominantly South Indian, replete with plaintain leaves. There was also a wide variety of chaats on offer.

Hotel Nagarjuna Residency played caterers to the meal including dosas, sambhar and rasam. Says owner Sandeep Reddy, "There is nothing like our chicken biryani -- it's the best. But they wanted vegetarian fare today. So we provided it."

The lunch was catered for 250 guests, at Rs 150 per head.

Security is so tight that Reddy was asked to wait outside the resort in his vehicle with the food, display his authorisation signed by a member of the Golden Palms management, and offer it at the gates. He then waited outside until a manager inside verified it.

Once he got the okay, he took the food inside, only to be stopped a couple of steps ahead. He was asked to hand over the food and sent out.