Hrithik's Italian adventure
HRITHIK ROSHANNot many know that heartthrob Hrithik Roshan's heart beats for something else too, apart from girlfriend Suzanne and his passion for acting. Hrithik is a self-consfessed Italian food freak, and has been a regular at Little Italy in Juhu with Suzanne for the last three years. The place obviously missed his presence for a while as he enjoyed his super star status. But we guess his taste buds couldn't bear it any more when Hrithik, with Suzanne in tow, decided to drop in at the restaurant on Sunday night. It may have been as late as 11.30 pm, but as soon as he stepped out of his car, all hell broke loose. A crowd of over 50 people gathered in seconds. And seeing them, a BEST Bus slowed down and when the passengers realised what all the hungama was all about, three-fourths of the bus was empty too. So while the celebrity duo had their fill of Chantilli red wine Mushroom Pizzam Fungi a la Giovanni, Settucini Garlic Bread and Crespall Pasta, a full-scale traffic jam is what ensued outside. The charmer that he is though, Hrithik made up well enough. He patiently signed autographs till 12.45 am before he left. Such grace!