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Shahrukh's special dance number in Fiza axed

HRITHIK ROSHANWell, we have a shocking news that will take the fizz out of you. Do you know that when Fiza was under production, the makers behind it had come out with a release that Shahrukh & Sushmita would be doing special numbers in the movie ? Sushmita's dance number Mehboob Mere is already there in the movie. But what happened to Shahrukh's number ? We will reveal it all.
Shahrukh's special number was shot on Hrithik and Shahrukh and the song was all set to be included in the movie. But the Pepsi commercial in which a Hrithik clone was being made fun of by his archrival Shahrukh Khan hit the idiot box and this was the turning point.
The makers were under severe pressure from the top level (we know who, do you ?) to remove that song from the movie. So the song was removed from the movie as well as from the album.

So Shahrukh was left in the cold. Never mind Shahrukh, Jo Chaaho Ho Jaaye,..enjoy.

Do you know that..... Khalid Mohamad had written the story of Fiza keeping Hrithik's expressive eyes in mind.