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Did Coke instigate Rakesh Roshan to sue Pepsi ?
HRITHIK ROSHAN The industry is abuzz with the rumours that Coke instigated Rakesh Roshan to sue the Pepsi for their commercial, which made a poke at Hrithik by using his clone in the ad. Insiders add that Coke were well aware that they had wasted their money on a good star and the campaign was not upto the mark and it seemed a mediocre one while the Pepsi campaign was such that even Coke lovers would find it very attractive. The Hrithik mania in the ad was unable to zoom the Coke sales while Pepsi sales were on the rise. That probably led the top officials of the Cola giant to instigate Rakesh who threatened to sue Pepsi if they did not take the ad off in one week.

But with nearly a month over, it seems that Rakesh's anger has fizzled out since he has realised his folly of aligning with Coke. Sources say that Hrithik may switch over to the rival company after the one-year contract expiry period. Will he, won't he, that remains to be seen