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'Kaho naa...pyaar hai...Hrithik se'
Once upon a time in bollywood, long before Kaho Naa…Pyaar Hai turned him into the heartthrob of Hindustan, they told him into light eyes wont' work, his nose was too long, he was too thin, and his voice wasn't any good either. Strangely, they left out his extra thumb! But now that he has taken a nation by storm, Hrithik Roshan is the only movie star who can double thumbs up with his right hand. Two years ago, when Hrithik was spotted at Anupam Kher's acting workshop, he was Rakesh Roshan's shy and unassuming son who was overlooked in the presence of another more illustrious star kid, Abhishek Bachchan. There was no hint of the manic frenzy he would unleash in Year 2000. "But Hrithik was very focussed even then, "recalls Kher, who also plays a key role in Kaho Naa. Pyaar Hai. "Unlike most newcomers, he wasn't worried about making an ass of himself in front of the whole class. He was a good student." For that matter, Hrithik, alias Duggu, was also a first-class academic student who passed out college with 71 per cent and a B'COM degree. As one of his professor's recalls, "Whenever a star son came to college, we came to know. But I never knew Rakesh Roshan's son was amongst them. " And he isn't exactly an eligible bachelor as well. Cupid struck at age 21 and paired him with Suzanne, daughter of Sanjay Khan. And in his own words, "I would like to marry her and live happily ever after." But life is right now all about flying steadily in the stratosphere of success. Much like Superman, the first film he went crazy over. Hrithik is arguably the only actor who has found unanimous approval from all sections of the audience, his popularity cutting across gender, age and class. But genuine modesty prevents him from taking credits for his universal appeal. "Do I look like a sex symbol or a pin -up boy?"He asked in a recent interview. "It's just that my father presented me like a dream." And he isn't letting it all get to his head may also be a source of worry for an entirely different reason. " Hair loss seems to have inherited from his mother's side, but Hrithik is not just a typical mama's boy. So on September 5 last year, when he and his mother threw a surprise party on Rakesh Roshan's 50th birthday, Hrithik gifted his dad with a special audio- visual on the latter. Farah Khan calls him a "choreographer's dream," while cinematographer Santosh Sivan feels Hrithik "has carved out a niche for himself, rather than replacing anybody."And Hrithik himself is disarmingly humble. "Sharukh is Go, I am like an ant, "he says. But as of now, this six - footer ant, weighing 74kgs and born on January 10, 1974, has an entire country wrapped around his extra thumb!