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Is Shahrukh insecure about Hrithik's entry

The one person who is just not amused with all the praises being showered on Hritik Roshan is none other than Shah Rukh Khan. Obviously, the superstar fears competition. If you’ve watched the Filmfare awards function and caught that million dollar glimpse of Shah Rukh’s disgruntled face when Hritik was performing on stage, you’d know what we are talking.

When Hritik did the Kaho Na Pyaar... number the crowd went berserk, screaming and shouting in joy. And poor Shah Rukh couldn’t digest it. To make matters worse, the camera was focussing on him for quite sometime and so it was there for all the viewers to see. Despite being a brilliant actor, Shah Rukh couldn't even pretend to smile. With insecurity written all over his face, he kept looking at all sides trying to gauge the mood of the audience. Com’on Shah Rukh that’s being very childish! Nobody can be superstar for ever.