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Hrithik's fourth film to be a superhit

HRITHIK ROSHAN Do you know why every producer is hell bent on releasing Hrithik's film so fast ? In addition to cashing in on Hrithik mania, there is something more behind this and Hrithik knows what this more is.

Recently, Hrithik was shooting in the Film City for the movie Mission Kashmir. An astrologer who saw Hrithik's palm on the sets was quick to remark that his fourth film would be the biggest super hit of all times. And going by Hrithik's filmography, Subhash Ghai's Yaadein would be Hrithik's fourth movie to hit the screens. That means Ghai has a winner on his hands even before the release.

If the astrologer's prophecy is correct, that means Fiza & Mission Kashmir would receive a drubbing at the box office. All we need to do is to wait and watch will tell