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It's difficult to keep step with choreographer Farah Khan. After all, she, quite literally, has people dancing to her tune. But who is Farah Kahn's favourite dancer in Bollywood? Hrithik Roshan, full stop. And is what the lady had to say before the world had seen Rakesh Roshan Junior dance his way to glory in Kaho Naa... Pyaar Hai. Despite praise from all and sundry for his movements on the dance floor, Hrithik, who was in the Capital recently, says, "I am an okay dancer. Frankly speaking,I am surprised when people I dance well. It was only after we started shooting for Kaho Na.. did I take dancing seriously." Modesty, thy name is Hrithik Roshan?
"More than anthing else, I belive the reson why people say I am a good dancer is because I always give every shot my best shot. For the song IkPal Ka Jeena , I rehearsed my heart out. So I guess what people see on the silver screen is just hard work, " says Hrithik. Hard work is Roshan's Junior's version, but what does Farah Kahn have to say about the nes dancing sensation? "Hrithik's advantage is flexibility. He can twist his body any way he wants. Furthermore, I think music flows through his body.But beyond every thing else is the fact that he is very dedicated . Simply put, Hrithik is a choreographer's dream come true." she says.
In fact, it didn't take long for khan to figure out that Hrithik had a talent for dancing . I asked one of my assistants to do a really complicated dance number. Hrithik observed him for a few minutes and then matched him step by step. It was then thatI realised that a new dancing sensation has been born, " she says. Papa Roshan, of course, had realised this long before. So pre-release strategy meant promoting the film in metro cities through dance performances. Trust Hrithik not to put a foot wrong