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Hrithik Roshan: Sharing the moolah!
HRITHIK ROSHANThe phenomenal success of Kaho Na Pyaar Hai is simply mind-boggling. Hrithik has managed to entrance the audience with his very first flick. In fact, right now nobody seems to be able to think beyond that magic name anymore. Hrithik T-shirts are selling like hot cakes.

Hrithik's photographs are actually being traded like pokemon toys among youngsters who idolise him like crazy. In other words, anything `Hrithik' sells. So when that well-liked mug was featured on the cover of every filmi (and some enterprising non-filmi) rag in town, it came as no surprise. Looks like the debutante has become a one-man industry. And every other industry too is benefitting! A little birdie even commented that Hrithik is ensuring that the entire Indian economy prospers! Heck, and we thought that was the finance minister's job!