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'I caught an auto...and saw how a star is born' ~ Hrithik Roshan

I haven't become an actor overnight. As an assistant to my dad, Igot to watch the best actors like Rekha, Sharukh Khan, Madhuri Dixit, A nil Kapoor. Film is by and large a director's mind, how he expresses himself verbally and then visually. Only then can he give his bestIt's very essential for every actor to know the medium in all it's aspects like cinematography, sound, music intricacies of production.
I have been to an acting school too and udergone the usual training with a dance master, a fight master. But all these things are just to learn the techniques and skills which will help an actor. If you know how to ride a horse,fight, dance and to learn dialogues, then you've not actually trained to be an actor. All this training does not teach you to be an actor wheather you have the talent or not, that is question. I belive actors are born, not made. You cannot teach acting, you can only train actors. the point of schools, academies is to train the already existing actor in you.I don't thik they can create an actor.
Every actor who comes in this field feels he is an actor. So do I, but the difference.I am conscious that I could be wrong. And the public is out there to prove me right or wrong. They are the only true judge of an actor's worth. for it is their verdict which will tell me whether this is the right profession for me.
I know there are lot of new comers in the industry today, but there is place for all. There could be 20 new comers, but they could all stay in the industry. One of them has to be the best, but if the others are too good too, they won't be washed out. Quantity is not a problem, as long as quality exists.
I don't have any role model, but I have been inspired a lot by Raj Kapoor. As an actor, I would not like to fit into any particular slot. i am just trying to spread the word of love, first of all. I love action movies too. I'm an actor, so I would consider any role as an opportunity to prove my talent.
Stardome, I belive, is just media hype.People who come from outside the industry behaves like stars. Now people have begun to look at me as something special too. In fact the other day i was late for an appointment so I simply did what i have been doing for the last 25 years. I caught an auto. And that auto ride ended up as an experience because people had begun to recognise me. The auto guy was very happy. prople stopped me and took my autograph and I realised that is how stars are born. People - and the media - builds you up so much that you actually start believing in that image. Then your walk changes, your style of talking changes. But since I've been brought up in this industry, I've seen people go up, go down. Ive seen my dad struggle, hence I know it's very important to remember where you're coming from. to have your feet firmly planted on the ground.
For me, films are just a job that i'm doing so that I can enjoy the kind of life I want to. I look at films as just another profession, to get by.