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Simply kaho..Hrithik hai
And the hall resounds with Ooohs and Aaahs. What's the secret of this one- film star ?
Times of India - 27thFeb2000

So Hithik's arrived. And how !The box office reports are here. Kaho Naa..Pyaar Hai is the only sparkler this year amidst the swirling sea of mediocrity.And what does the film boast of ?
Hrithik. Hrithik. Hrithik.
Consider this. A theatre in Delhi was running Hey!Ram in its regular shows. During the interval, it chose to run the trailer of Kaho Naa.. Pyaar Hai. "Suddenly the hall - hitherto silent- was resounding with oohs and aaahs, " says Aditya Khanna, exibitor. " I was about to rush in and see if there was something amiss, when I was told : Don't worry ! it's Hrithik," he adds.
Hrithik, with the light eyes, long face, bulging biceps, sinuous dance, lithe figure and lost world charm. Yup ! Let's get this straight. What's Hrithik got which the rest of the bratpack badshahs don't have ? "There is this complete and absolute freshness about him which hasn't been seen for long."says Tanuja Chandra,filmmaker.Chandra, who has cast him against Ashwariya Rai in her next film- an adult love story - describes him as an actor " who looks honest, who feels honest. Hence real. There is a genuine quality about him which he is able to project on screen too. He looks like somebody you can trust and have faith in - that's his screen persona too," explains Tanuja.
Small wonder then, he has them all- kids,teeny-boopers,big brothers, badi didis, aunts, uncles, middle aged matriarchs - roting for him in surrounding cynicism. For, somewhere in his cute, clean clime. Aquality which Amir Khan embodies in his screen personae too. But Aamir and Shahrukh lack the brawn which Hrithik flaunts, enabling him to blend the hungry, mean ,hunk look with the boy- next- door charisma.Salman's cute and brawny too, and so can he dance. But Hrithik dances like a dream and Salman's beefcake brawn is begnning to stale.And Sharukh's too edgy at any point in the film,"as Khanna elucidates.
Nevertheless, it's too early for comparisons right now. "Sharukh ,Salman ,and Amir have proved themselves again and again Hrithik should prove himself at least once more."say Khanna, while conceding he's got at least one 'funda' right. He's selected right directors : Subhash Ghai ,RajeevRai, Vidhu Vinod Chopra. thereby assuring himself " an insurance policy against bad films."

For Chandra Hrithik is the new Entertainer with a bright future. Specially since there are huge amounts of unexplored talent lying hidden in him. All he needs is a good sculptor who could keep chipping into him to create a piece of art."