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Govinda: Beta's first choice Hrithik!

If it were any other dad he would've grounded his bachcha for a month, but not good ol' magnanimous Govinda. Chi Chi may be the hero number one when it comes to all his fans, but his son doesn't think he is the greatest thing to happen to the silver screen. On the contrary, Jr Govinda has an opinion of his own. And he made sure that everybody knew who his idol was when he celebrated his birthday recently. None other than the heart-throb of a score of other young teenyboppers and teenagers, not to mention adults --- Hrithik Roshan. At the bash thrown in his honour, the little wonder refused to cut the cake until his personal favourite hero arrived on the scene. That meant all the guests had to wait till late in the evening. But when the Kaho Na Pyaar Hai star finally made his entry, it was all worth the wait, for the birthday boy's features lit up like a thousand bulbs. And for him, the party only began then. Well, well, Hrithik surely seems to have worked his way into virtually every Indian's heart. Govinda, for once, will have to be satisfied with second position. But he doesn't mind one bit. Anything for sonny's happiness, right?