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'No Hrithik uncle, no cutting cake'
Believe it or not, but it is true. Last week Hrithik Roshan got an unexpected call from a colleague of his. It was Govinda, who called in to request Hrithik to attend his daughter, Narmada's birthday party, because the girl had refused to cut her cake unless "her Hrithik came for the party." The young star, who was shooting for Vidhu Vinod Chopra, of course, said that he would, provided the director released him. And though Govinda personally called Chopra as well, the filmmaker could pack up shooting only close to 11 pm. Hrithik rushed to the suburban hotel where the party was being held and was in for a surprise. He found all the guests -- the children and their parents and escorts -- waiting for the Roshan Jr to arrive. Govinda's daughter had stuck to her resolve, "No Hrithik uncle, no cutting the cake," and the other children had supported her most willingly. "Now I know what stardom means," chuckled Govinda, at the end of the party, when he profusely thanked Hrithik for his wonderful gesture. HRITHIK ROSHAN