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Police refuse permission for Hrithik's show in Delhi

HRITHIK ROSHAN The Delhi police have refused permission for Hrithik Roshan show to be held in Jawaharlal Stadium in Delhi on February 3rd citing lack of personnel and space as the reasons.

Meanwhile, the organizers have said that they are still hoping that the police would grant them the permission. An official, on the condition of anonymity, said that the permission cannot be granted since they fear that stampede may occur as they have a limited force to deal with the 75,000 crowd which is expected for the show plus they would have to deal with the gatecrashers.

PTI has reported that the show has been rescheduled to February 23 on the same time and the same venue . A release issued by ShowBlitz India Pvt Ltd., the organisers of the show, stated the new date has been finalised in consent with the concerned officials.

A part of the proceeds from the ticket sales, priced from Rs. 200 to Rs. 2000, will be donated towards the Gujarat quake relief fund.