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Hrithik to endorse Reid & Taylor

HRITHIK ROSHAN Hrithik Roshan seems to be on an endorsing spree. After endorsing Coke and S. Kumar, the teen sensation will now endorse Reid & Taylor.

The ad film was recently shot with Hrithik and Mukesh Bhatt's neice Deha participating in the shoot. Meanwhile, Hrithik has clarified that the Hollywood film he has been signed for is not co-starring Stallone. "It's a solo-hero project that will star some international artistes playing pivotal roles,". Hrithik has decided to accommodate this project in his busy schedule, contrary to reports that he has opted out of the film.

As for the sites which reported the false news that Hrithik is playing Stallone's brother, all we can say is that they should leave for holy woods....for some meditation.